Leather Bomber Jacket Stars  - Cowhide & Sheepskin

Famous MA-1 Nylon Jackets Replica worm by US army, airline pilots, bikers and any enthusiast

Our licensed Trademark Brand LBJS Leather Bomber Jacket Stars is the guarantee of a sure value for a very affordable price, to wear in any season, classic style, evening or motorcycle. 

Cowhide leather is rather heavy and is suitable for its thickness and protection against cold and humidity. 

Sheepskin leather is lighter and is suitable for its comfort and the elasticity of its leather, during warm or intermediate seasons. 

Find the taste of vintage, celebrating the return in force of the famous bomber jacket MA-1 in its original version cowhide or sheepskin leather premium quality. The fashion phenomenon of nylon bomber jackets was very popular in the years 1990-2000 in Europe, especially in northern countries such as Germany, and also for many in the United States or Japan.

Find all licensed MA-1 models of our Trademark Brand LBJS Leather Bomber Jacket Stars : www.blousonsbomberscuir.eu (French version) www.leatherbomberjacketstars.com (English version).

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